Pasadena Or Bust!

Well, since jamesi spilled the beans, followed closely by thebruce, I suppose it is okay for me to pipe up. A bunch of folks in the ARG community (myself included) have been invited to tour the new offices of 42 Entertainment this weekend. For those that do not immediately recognize that name, they are the company behind many recent (and not so recent) cross-media entertainment ventures (a.k.a. alternate reality games or ARGs.) They are responsible for the really cool Nine Inch Nails Year Zero experience, the ilovebees promotion for Halo 2, and–way back in the day–the promotion for Speilberg’s A.I. among other things.

The whole thing is super exciting! I cannot wait!

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3 thoughts on “Pasadena Or Bust!”

  1. yeah I’m hoping to details of -who- were going wasn’t supposed to be kept secret πŸ™‚ but at least that there was to be a special #42 netcsat wasn’t… going to be a fun weekend

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