Universal Remote?

Dear LazyWeb:

Maybe you can help me where I seem to be failing. I am looking for a universal remote. The maximum number of functions I will be using are:

Toshiba CS32G60 TV (this is an old-ass 32″ CRT television from the early ’90s)
* Power
* Volume up/down
* That’s it. I don’t give a crap about channels or menus or picture-in-picture.

Mac Mini (the standard “Apple Remote” that controls computers, iPods, etc.)
* up/down/left/right
* enter
* menu

That’s it. I need no other features, as I have the original TV remote (with busted-beyond-repair circuit board traces for the channel and volume buttons, but otherwise functional.) I’m looking to spend, at most, $40, but would prefer to stick around the $20-$30 range. There are plenty of $100 remotes that say they will do this, but I’m not keen on spending quite that much. Help me, internets–you are my only hope.

EDIT: I found a remote

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One thought on “Universal Remote?”

  1. I lurve my Logitech Harmony remote. You might be able to find a simple one on Craigslist. Amazing versatility. Not sure about the Apple TV, but one function is its ability to learn commands that are beamed right into the front of it. Plus a USB interface that helps it learn.

    I had some idiosyncratic problems with mine, wrote the company, they fiddled with my stored profile, asked me to update it via USB which I did, and it was fixed. Really cool.

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