I have not posted in a while, so here are the recent updates in the ever popular (or should that be “boring?”) bullet-point format:

* On the plus side, last weekend was a 4-day weekend. On the minus side, it was 4 days because Friday and Monday were taken as sick days. While I can no longer say I’m sick, I cannot entirely say I’m well. It was just a cold, but it hit pretty hard, and I’m still coughing up chunks of lung-butter.

* Homeowner’s insurance for the new place just went through fine, meaning the last part of financing paperwork can now proceed. AAA seems to think the home was built in 1926. Portland Maps (and thus, public records on file with the city) seems to think it was 1908. 1926 is slightly better for insurance rates, so I’m not arguing, but I do believe the city records are correct. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking, as it’s only 7 years too late for, technically, being of the Victorian era.

* I got my Arduino development board (which I think I previously blogged about.) I have gotten the microprocessor to interface with a couple of servos and a set of red/green/blue LEDs (with programmable intensity to make a rainbow of colors.) I haven’t yet tried anything with the analog inputs (light sensor, dials, etc.) I’m still not sure what project I’ll make from it, though.

* I picked up The Prestige again. I started the book before I got sick and powered through the first half. When sick, I never have the patience/energy/stamina/clear-head to read and always just throw in DVDs of familiar old movies and TV shows that I can drift in and out of sleep with. Now, I think I’m well enough to start reading again. The book (as usual) is much better than the film. I was a bit worried at first, as the book started in the cliche way of prefacing the actual story with “I found this diary when going through old stuff, and its contents follow:” that simultaneously puts the author in the story, but detaches him from the actual story (“I’m just retelling what I heard”) and tries to make things a bit more believable. The cliche is actually somewhat ARG-ish, come to think of it. Anyway, I was relieved to see that, while the movie followed the pair of feuding magicians a hundred years ago, the book covers not only them, but their children and grandchildren in the modern day.

* Accordion Hero? What?

* Today was a massage day. Laying face-down on a table for the better part of an hour is a good way to clear out blocked sinuses, nevermind the actual massage part.

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