Pushing Daisies

I have not been outside at all this weekend, except to walk down to the grocery store for more soup and crackers yesterday.

I started watching Pushing Daisies this weekend. It is an excellent show–I dare say, one of my new favorites. Because it is such a good and unconventional show, it will likely be canceled. I immediately recognized the main character as being the brother from Wonderfalls. The writing, interlocking storylines, scene transitions, and graphics also reminded me of Wonderfalls. A quick IMDB search showed that many of the same people were behind each. This further justifies my theory that Pushing Daisies will be cancelled; Wonderfalls was an equally excellent show that did not even make it through the first season. They do get bonus points for getting Jim Dale as the narrator–he did the Harry Potter audiobooks. I really do hope this show sticks around for the long-term.

P.S. also: bonus points for having the characters sing Birdhouse In Your Soul in the pigeon episode.

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3 thoughts on “Pushing Daisies”

  1. I thought Wonderfalls managed to get through season one. I stand corrected.

    I was sort of ehn when I initially heard about Pushing Daisies. Big mistake. Man, am I glad I came to my senses.

  2. Wonderfalls, I believe, filmed all of season one and it exists on DVD, but the show itself got canceled about half-way through, so those episodes never officially aired.

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