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I rarely, if ever, post the result of memes and I am a bit late to the party with that career meme that has been going around, but the results were so odd that I thought I would paste them here with comments. For those not in the know, my current vocation (firmware) is about half-way between a computer engineer and an electrical engineer (although I only took a semester or two of EE in college, so I’m stronger on the software and digital logic side of things).

1. Mechanical Engineering Tech The first three are mechanical, which I find a little surprising and confusing.
2. Aerospace Engineer
3. Mechanical Engineer
4. Agricultural Engineer Agriculture? I’m lucky that I can finally grow a few vegetables without (all of) them dying.
5. Biomedical Engineer I never did well in biology. It was all the memorizing.
6. Computer Engineer This, I expect
7. Electrical Engineer …and this as well
8. Engineering Tech I’m not entirely sure what this is, but the “tech” makes it sound like a glorified repairman
9. Stationary Engineer I have no idea. Paper? Unmoving? Wait, Google tells me this is a building HVAC engineer. Not so much.
10. Physicist One of the things I always wanted to be
11. Astronomer Another thing I wanted to be, except for the memorization
12. Chemical Engineer Sure. The experiments were fun. I grew up with Mr. Wizard pouring things into other things. I know that real life isn’t like that, but it’s fun to pretend.
13. Avionics Tech Again with the “tech”
14. Mining Engineer Yes, I realize I’m a geek, but I like the outside. Does playing Minesweeper give me an advantage with this field?
15. Geologist I guess…?
16. Computer Support Person NO! No, no, no, no, and NO! “Have you tried switching it off, then back on again?” *headdesk*
17. Pilot Another thing I’d like to do someday
18. Helicopter Pilot Like above, but much more difficult from what I hear.
19. Petroleum Engineer Uhhh… not so much, thanks.
20. Power Plant Operator Does it come with free donuts? With sprinkles?

And now a few of the more interesting ones beyond #20:

22. Website Designer Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, hated it.
24. Computer Programmer This is #24?!?
28. Model Maker No patience for this.
29. Motorcycle Mechanic “Can” and “want to for a paycheck” are two different things
32. Fashion Designer Ha! HAHAHA! Ask my wife what she thinks of this.
34. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator Lack of artistic ability, I believe, disqualifies me from this particular vocation.
35. Automobile Mechanic See: motorcycle
38. Explosives Specialist YES! NOW WE’RE TALKING! BOOM!
40. Race Car Mechanic Fun, danger, and rednecks. Where do I sign up?

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