Weekend in Review

A brief recap of the weekend…

Item! Saturday was Spamalot, which was a blast. It was similar to the film, but different enough to be new, different, and fun. It took references from other Pythonisms (“Beautiful plumage!” “Always look on the bright side of life!”), didn’t take itself too seriously, and even made some good self-references (one of the tasks of the Knights Who Say Ni was to create a Broadway musical–even though the US was still undiscovered and Broadway wouldn’t exist for another thousand years.)

Item! Sunday was a surprise party at The Kennedy School. Good food, good beer, and good company!

Item! Monday was a day I set aside to write more of a paper (related to ARGs) that I’ve been procrastinating since December. It’s actually about half-written. At this rate, it’ll be done sometime next year.

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