Arrested Development

How is it that I completely missed out on Arrested Development??? I picked up the first disc of the first season from Netflix last week. Kim and I watched most of it last night, and it was awesome! It did a masterful job of poking fun of all of the people and things I liked least about Orange County, reminding me (in a good way) of all of the things I was glad to finally leave behind. I love how all over the place they are setting up jokes really early on for a payoff to occur once you’ve forgotten the setup.

I’m not sure that I can wait for the remaining discs. I may have to look for a used copy tonight at Everyday Music.

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5 thoughts on “Arrested Development”

  1. You dislike the OC? I lived there recently and I thought it was fantastic! I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s plastic (sounds like a shaggy song – fantastic.. plastic) but as a visitor I just thought it was really cool to live and work there. Anyway, Arrested Development is undoubtedly the funniest comedy I’ve ever seen. Alas however, it appears that most Americans’ comedic intelligence is horizontal with “Everyone Loves Raymond” and “The King of Queens”… 🙁

    Anyhoo, cool blog and cheers to ya.

  2. I’m guessing that there’s probably big difference between visiting (even for as long as a few years) and growing up in it. When visiting, you know you’re an outsider and can use that to your advantage to distance yourself from people, situations, and attitudes when the need arises. I spent the first 21+ years of my life throughout Orange County–growing up knowing nothing but. It was a pretty big (but beneficial) system shock the first time I moved out of the area.

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