Kim, begrudgingly, has her very first cellphone. Not only that, it’s a fancy red Blackberry Pearl. It would appear that the price of all other fancy smartphones tanked as soon as the iPhone was released.

Questions for you Blackberry’ers out there…
1) Is Missing Sync the best way to synchronize it to a Mac?
2) Is there a way to get custom ringtones into it? (MP3 or WAV or whatever)
3) Is there anything else we (she) should know about it? Little-known cool features, problems and pitfalls, etc?

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5 thoughts on “YouPhone”

  1. Another one falls. Bummer.
    When will the world realize that a phone belongs on a DESK, plugged into a WALL, and not on your belt where it is free to annoy you at any time????

  2. I have an 8700, you can download mp3’s from the Internet Browswer, and choose “save” when the little player pops up. I tried to send one to it as an attachment, but it wouldn’t let me save (the Pearl probably gets around this limitation)

  3. Noel, I hope I don’t “accidentally” drop it down a steep ravine. I also promise to never use the damn thing while riding a bike, or for having an inane conversation in the bank or on a bus. I might just forget to even turn it on.

    Definitely feeling like the fallen today. : (

  4. 1) No idea, but it synced flawlessly with an exchange server.
    2) You can import any mp3’s or wavs to use as custom ringtones.
    3) My must-have apps:
    Push Weather (
    Empower HTML email viewer (

    Little known feature: Press the Mute button on top to make the phone go into instant standby mode (better than hitting *), so you can put it in your purse/pocket without accidentally calling someone.

    I loved my Pearl. Still do. I just love my iPhone better. 🙂

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