Washing Machine Class Action

Years ago, I got a set with a Maytag Neptune front-loading washer and dryer. The front-loading washer is more efficient and uses less water. The main problem was that it would occasionally get a lot of mold and/or mildew on the lower-lip of the “porthole.” It didn’t affect the washing, as it is in a sort of a water exit trough. Every few months, I had to get in with bleach and kill it all off. It’s not bad, just annoying, and I figured this was part of the perils of having a front-loader.

This morning, I did a little Internet research to see how others were dealing with it. Well, I guess they dealt with it by determining it was a design flaw, filing a class-action lawsuit, and receiving settlements (in some cases, vouchers up to $1000 for a $700 washer!) That was two years ago, and now all of the filing dates are past. Because I never mailed in the warranty card and because I never researched the issue until now, nobody knew to notify me and I didn’t know about the issue. It’s back to the bleach bottle for me.

Remember, kids: send in your warranty cards.

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  1. I had a Neptune, as did as many of my good friends based on Consumer Reports loving it. After calling the washer company for repeated repairs, and learning how to also do them myself…

    We eventually left it out on the sidewalk with a big “FREE” sign attached.

    Welcome to the club.

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