In case any iPhoners are interested, I’ve publicly released the code for my iPhone bookmarks webapp. It’s pretty simple, but kind of slick. I’m constantly improving it, but I figured I needed to at least get a 1.0 release out. A read-only demo (the admin password is “secret”) is at Be sure to click some links in the demo for the spiffy OS X style launch effect. (Unfortunately, the effect doesn’t actually display on the iPhone, but it will if/when they make iPhone Safari a bit more web 2.0 compliant.) The actual description, code, etc. is at


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  1. Pownce is…. well, sort of like Twittr, but more focused and with different media types, like Tumblr (as much as I dislike Tumblr.) You have a Friend-List like on LiveJournal, then can post things that are visible to the world, to your Friend List, or do a specific individual. The content of the post can be text, a picture, a file, a link, an invitation, and whatever media types they decide to add in the future. Because it’s made by Kevin Rose and has a very Digg-like fancy AJAX interface, people are saying it’ll be the next big thing.

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