Good morning!

This morning as I was half awake, NPR used the term “old school,” but it was not used in as hip slang, which threw me off. They were talking about construction on, literally, old school buildings.

Last night, Kim threw together an excellent Indian dinner from stuff we had lying around the kitchen. There was a curried omelet — not literally an omelet with curry, but an eggs cooked in an omelet style, cut into strips (like the rectangles of egg on nigiri sushi), and threw that into a yummy and freshly made curry…uhhh… stew/broth/sauce/mixture…I’m not sure of the term. She also made raita from goat yogurt and we dug up a package of poppadoms from the pantry. Yum.

Because my sleep cycle was thrown off, last night, I decided to crack open a Sparks+ alcoholic energy drink that was sitting in the fridge. I figured I would drink it, stay awake ’till my normal bedtime, then wake up at a reasonable time the following day. After a few sips, the thing was dumped down the drain. It was everything I disliked about energy drinks (gut-wrenching amounts of sugar and more carbonation than I could handle) combined with a crappy lite-beer. It is made by Miller Brewing. Go figure.

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