LOL I has a blog post, with linkses

The screensaver on the TV is a carousel of photos from I Can Has Cheezburger.   Kim and I were just discussing the grammar the other night.
Now, it seems that someone named Anil has turned a studious eye toward the LOLCATS phenomena and specifically the language.  In his post Cats Can Has Grammar, he looks at the language of those “cat macros” and determines that there is a way to speak “cat” and do it wrong, meaning there has to be an actual grammar with rules.  He concludes from this that there must therefore be a grammar–a sort of creole (“cweeole”) or pidgin.  There is even a visual grammar.  If it is not a white serif font (Arial Black or Impact) with a black outline stroke, it is perceived as not quite right.

Someone named Stephen noted that there are no long-form kitty pidgin works — they are all always just one or two images, never longer–and redid the Star Trek tribble episode in kitty pidgin.

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