Happy Loyalty Day, everybody!


(via Phaedra, via Cortana)

In related grim-meathook-future news, the following has been the soundtrack of my life for the past couple of weeks:

  • Year Zero, Nine Inch Nails, with the following songs on repeat a lot more frequently than others:
    • Survivalism
    • Another Version of the Truth
    • In This Twilight
  • War on Errorism, NOFX, with the following songs on repeat more frequently than others:
    • Idiots Are Taking Over
    • Franco Un-American
  • Rantology, Ministry, with the following songs on repeat frequently:
    • No “W”
    • N.W.O.

And in a totally unexpected twist:

  • Alpacas Orgling, L.E.O., which is not at all political or oppressive and is pretty much a modern-day copycat of E.L.O.  The following songs, yada, yada:
    • Make Me
    • The Ol’ College Try
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