My Lost Theory

*Note that there is a possible spoiler ahead if you have not seen last night’s episode*

A new and unique theory of Lost occurred to me this morning.  It is not one I have heard elsewhere and I think that maybe it does a good job of unifying other theories.  For example, many people believe that the people on the island are in purgatory, but the show’s producers have denied this possibility.  Other people think they are on an island with some scientific Dharma cloaking device, masking them from radar and satellite.  Yet others think they are in a lost world, maybe Atlantis, isolated from the rest of the world by some natural or magical means.

My theory is this: they are stuck in a time paradox.  Something happened on the island to change history, creating a paradox.  All of the occupants of the island are now stuck in a bubble of a parallel universe that is in a different timeline from the rest of the world.  Desmond has shown that he can see the future and change events, but I believe that is only the tip of the iceberg.  I believe (and this is pure speculation) that some Dharma experiment–possibly the same one that gave Desmond the forward-seeing ability–is also able to see and alter the past.  The parachuting pilot’s comment that they found flight 815 and everyone was dead reinforces my theory.  (It reinforces several other theories, including conspiracy and coverup, but that is a different topic for someone else to write about.)  If, in some future episode, someone is able to alter the past, possibly doing something noble and heroic with the side-effect of diverting flight 815 from crashing on the island, then you have a paradox on your hands.  The noble and heroic deed couldn’t have been done without flight 815 crashing there, but the action prevents it from crashing.  *poof*  An instant time paradox that the universe has to create a bubble parallel world to compensate for.

So that is my theory.  I agree that it is pretty weak in places, but it has potential.  At least it has as much potential as any other well thought out theory of what’s going on with the island.

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4 thoughts on “My Lost Theory”

  1. Certainly makes sense to me.

    I wish they’d revisit that 4 toed statue. I think that the island was a source of great power in the ancient world, but the civilization was destroyed by it. That power manifests itself as the black-smoke monster. Dharma is trying to harness it for their own means, channelling it into a newborn child , but the mothers die because their bodies can’t handle it.

    That monster might have the keys to the mastery of space and time, and the island might exist as a bubble of “parallel reality”.

  2. Yeah, I was trying to come up with a way to work the monster into the theory–like it’s some sort of great eraser that comes in and “fixes” reality (I guess like the monster things in Stephen King’s Langoliers, if I recall the story correctly.) I could not come up with anything satisfying, though.

    My thoughts on the mothers/babies dying is that it’s the island’s healing properties coming into play. A baby is, in essence, technically a sort of parasite, when you think about it. With a hopped-up immunol system, maybe the body sees it as such and tries to reject it? In that case, though, I don’t know if it would explain the difference between conception on the island versus off the island.

    I have to agree that the statue is a big mystery that I would like to see answers to.

  3. Time definately plays a role in the Lost mystery.
    Hints about that have been all over the place.
    The inability of Desmond to sail away from the island, for example. The need to continue to press that damn button kept the island separate from the “real world”….but now it’s in synch with the real world (hence the parachutist able to find it). And maybe, just maybe, the healing properties of the island are changed and fetal development will NOT kill the mother…..

    But I think that Sun’s days on the island (on the show) are numbered. Time for a cast purge. While everyone will be expecting Charlie to bite the bullet in the coming “war”, I think Sun (and possibily, tragically, Jin) will be casulties as well. Their backstories are complete. Full circle. Unfortunately, they bring nothing more to the story so it’s easy to let the characters go (in one manner or another).

  4. I’ll see your a theory and raise you a speculation.

    Ben showed Juliet a video of her sister, Rachel. Ben addresses Richard, the dark haired man who brought Juliet to the island. Here’s the thing. We never see Richard — actually see his face — off the island. We never see anyone at all ever off the island, except Desmond on his boat who claimed the whole world is a snow globe.

    Here’s my point. The video of Rachel could well have been taken some other way, not by Richard. Desmond could be right, and there is in fFact no way out at all. Once you arrive on the island you have entered the snow globe and can never leave again. Maybe.

    Speaking of desmond… fFavorite moment last night: “It seems to me you’ve killed more of them than they have of you.” He doesn’t particularly consider himself part of any group at all. He and Rouseau intrigue me fFor this reason.

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