Colors and Waffles

Last night, I was know as “the dude in the orange hat,” not to be confused with Curious George’s Man in the Yellow Hat.  We went to a Wild Color Party, where I wore a day-glow green “I am a moon monster” t-shirt with a purple button-down over-shirt and a bright orange spongy traffic cone hat from Disneyland’s Autopia.  Kim wore a dazzling array of clashing bellydance-style stuff, winning second place.  It was a great evening full of mingling with both old friends and new folks.

This morning, I made waffles and two XKCD-ish things occurred to me.  The first was that the waffles from my iron are perfect little Cartesian coordinate system, complete with four quadrants and an X and Y axis.  The waffle iron makes a grid of four waffles that you can eat as one large waffle or break into four smaller ones.  The other nerdy thing that occurred to me was that pouring a smaller amount of batter on to the iron–enough to form a circle, but not enough to fill the whole grid — was starting to look, to me, like the old-school “this is how we draw a circle in a square pixel coordinate system” diagrams.  For example:



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