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The best part of the day so far: sitting at a red light, with the top down, with a shower of cherry tree blossoms raining down upon me.

I took the plunge and hooked up netninja to the Google Apps for Domains stuff last night. After a couple of hours of bounced messages (oops–Dreamhost shuts down mail receiving if you fiddle with your MX records and although there’s a way to override that, I did not notice it at the time), everything is working fine.

Some of the best helper apps:
Google Notifier – sits in your pulldown menubar-thinger and notifies you of incoming mail (and upcoming appointments, but I don’t use that part)
Gmail+Growl – Since I already use Growl for system notifications, this is just a nice way to make everything consistent
Address Book to CSV Exporter – I was fearful of the process of loading my OS X Address Book database into Google, but this seriously did the import successfully before I even realized there weren’t more steps to perform. It’s seriously two steps–export and upload–with no mapping fields, confirmations, or any of that stuff.
Gmail Notifier Firefox Extension – The same as the OS X Gmail Notifier, above, only I use it on my Linux desktop at work

The keyboard shortcuts sort of remind me of Pine, which was the mail client I used exclusively until about 3 (yes, as recently as three!) years ago.

I especially like how the Gmail pages become “lite” versions when I access them from my Treo. It’s so much easier than trying to monkey about with the built-in IMAP mail client–at least for viewing mail; I have not yet tried sending anything (with or without cameraphone attachments.)

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