I felt ascotless the whole night

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Last night, Kim and I went to The Vampire Masquerade Ball. It was a swanky affair, in which I felt terribly under-dressed — not for lack of intention, but because we ran out of time to really get some good outfits together. It was a great event, although they probably could have picked a better DJ. And a better performance (Pure Cirkus, while high-spirited, sort of failed in the excitement and entertaining categories.) The people-watching was excellent, the drinks were good, and running into people we have not seen in a while was very nice. The location was awesome–not just because it is a few blocks from home, but because it seems custom-tailored to the crowd: a pair of elegant 1925 ballrooms, dark purple with white and gold trim, chandeliers, for a total of 8000 square feet. One thing I was not expecting was the vendors in the lower ballroom. Of course, there was a lot of clothing, masks, custom-fitted fangs, leather goods, and artwork. There were also a few totally unexpected things like Gothic Beagle.

Overall, it was a fun night. I can’t wait until next year, when we can get some nicer clothes and do it right. Being old folks, we had to cut out at 1am.

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