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People on my friend-list who are following the Year Zero thing know this already, but Trent has released four songs (one as a music video) from his upcoming album. They have all been released on USB keys discovered in the restrooms at NIN concerts (they’re on a European tour right now.) I’m actually quite impressed with these songs. When The Fragile was released a few years back, I gave up (no pun intended)–either I had changed or he had changed, but somehow I wasn’t connecting with the music anymore. (Even though I wasn’t too into the music, I still remained a fanboy and collected up the albums and singles, such that I continued to have everything going back to Halo 1 plus a stack of 20-30 bootleg CDs I got over the years from Bionic.) These new songs from Year Zero have changed my outlook of his music. They harken back to old-school NIN.

The official site has the Survivalism video as well as the source for that song in Garage Band format for you to remix as you please–similar to what he did with the previous album. It also has a short trailer… whether it is for the album or for the cross-media “game” thing, I don’t know, but it has a certain creepiness to it:

…and if you want to catch up on what’s going on with the game/experience/whatever, I have a nice write-up started at

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