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Dear lazyweb,
Is there a way to make bbedit accept tab and shift-tab to indent and unindent a block of text? It really likes Command-[ and Command-] for this purpose. Highlighting a block of text and hitting tab simply replaces all that text with a tab character. I know bbedit lets you change the pulldown menus around, but I have yet to see a configuration screen that lets you remap keys.

I spend a lot of time in Eclipse and a lot of time in bbedit and like to have the features and keystrokes match between the two, but I always get burned by the tab thing.

Is there a decent and powerful OS X text editor for programmers that’s not a throwback to OS 9 (as bbedit is) that does “the correct thing” for tab and shift-tab? The things I like most about bbedit are (in no particular order):
* line number displayed beside line, line & column number displayed in status bar
* syntax highlighting for C, C++, PHP, HTML, and shell scripts
* Cmd-F for find, Cmd-G for find next, Cmd-Shift-G for find previous, Cmd-J to jump to a specific line number
* regular select (lines 1..4) and block select (top-left corner is line 2 column 5, bottom-right corner is line 4 column 15)
* soft-wrapped text and hard-wrapped text and the ability to automatically insert/strip line breaks to switch between the two
* regular expression search and replace
* convert tabs to spaces, convert spaces to tabs, define a tab as 4 spaces instead of 8
* select a bunch of lines and toggle between making them comments or not (sure, a regular expression search and replace can be used to add “//” to the beginning of each line, but a menu option or hotkey is MUCH easier)
* code folding
* highlight matching braces/parens, etc
* from the command line “bbedit myfile.txt” will launch the bbedit GUI and load that file

So, is there a way to make bbedit conform to my will? Is there another editor I should be using?

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