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First off: thanks to [info]dmax801 for pointing out that my journal had been stuck in “no comments” mode for the past few posts. That has been fixed now.

The kneely-chair is great. I sat in it all of Thursday and just about all of Friday, and could feel a huge difference in my posture. The last hour or two of Friday, I had to switch back to the regular chair for a bit. Now, we will see if this ends up being a long-term posture helper or if it is just a short-term placebo from trying something new.

Yesterday, I accidentally said “homeless stall” when referring to the handicap stall in the bathroom.

Last night was some WONDERFUL dinner. I had a great German lunch with an old coworker earlier in the day. It was awesome to catch up on things, as we haven’t spoken much more than a few phone conversations in the past year or so. The lunch did not quite satisfy my craving for German food, so Kim and I ended up having dinner at the Rheinlander. Sometimes I reflect on my life and eating habits, feeling morally superior for eating mostly fruit, vegetables, free range chicken, and shellfish (cheating with the occasional strip of bacon.) Last night was one of those nights in which a glance at the menu threw all that right out the window. My dinner consisted of fondue with lots of sausage, salad (stealing the anchovies from the top of Kim’s salad), rabbit stuffed with venison wrapped with something green and leafy that was either kale or chard. Kim’s was much the same, but substituting three different kinds of sausage for the rabbit. We were serenaded by an accordion player or two. I am not sure that we will be going back too often, as the place is rather pricey, but the food is certainly worth the price. Plus: lots of leftovers!

Today, I set out to plant luffa: some for eating and some for washing.

A few nights ago, I watched Thumbsucker — in my opinion, a fairly forgettable indie-award-winning slice-of-life sort of film — but parts of the soundtrack stuck with me. The Polyphonic Spree is very much a happy-hippie sounding band that is a favorite of emos and hipsters everywhere and should annoy the heck out of me, but I rather like them. They were also on the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack. I ended up picking up some of their music. Their covers of “Love My Way” and “Lithium” are both great, by the way.

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