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Dear DamnPortlanders,
Here is a question from a long-time lurker and first-time poster. Does anyone know somewhere in Portland where I can try out and potentially buy a kneeling char such as the one pictured below?

For the past few years, I have been practicing yoga and getting massages and am a lot more aware of my (horrible, but getting better) slouch posture. I remember a neighbor, about 10 years ago, that had one. It was comfy and good, but I didn’t care enough at the time to ask where to get one, nor did I sit in it for more than a minute or two. These days, I basically sit at a computer or workbench for about 9 hours a day in a pretty generic office char. I have a feeling that one of these kneeling chairs would be much better for me, but I also have some doubts that I would like to satisfy by sitting in one again. The generic big-box office stores (Office Depot, Staples, etc.) can order one for me if I would like to purchase one, sight-unseen, but I am not comfortable with that scenario–partly because I feel that I have to sit in one again before buying and partly because I’d rather give my money to a local business. So where do I find one? Inner-SE would be best for me, but really, I’d go anywhere in the greater metro area.
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