Sour cream and wires

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As has been said in this journal before, Ebenezer is a smart cat. This is the reason why he is not allowed to eat “people food.” At the very least, in the rare instance that he gets people food, it is placed in his bowl. The reason for this is that if he ever gets the taste for people food, he will become a clever monster, devising elaborate ways of pulling it off your plate when he is not looking.

His newfound love for sour cream proves this point. He will attempt to steal potatoes, pull forks off of places, or even “drink” the watery sour cream from the half-washed plates in the sink. When sour cream is around, his single-minded love for sour cream even surpasses his single-minded desire for you to turn on the tub’s faucet.

Speaking of stealing — we had an electrician over the other morning to mess with the ceiling fan. Ebenezer kept stealing his wires and tools. He would pick something up, run half-way down the hall, turn around to make sure you see him, then run some more. He’s a crazy cat, but a smart one.

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