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Guess what? The Superbowl was today! I thought it was next weekend, so I think I missed a party. In unrelated news: MMMmmmm….

Also known as: the juice of everything that was in the fridge. Unfortunately, there was no green in there. Kim has been away this week, so if there was any time to put leafy green things in the juice, it was this week. Sadly, Organics2You has not brought any green leafy vegetables recently–except for bok choy, and that does not work well for juice.

I went with NWPI to investigate the Old Scotch Church Cemetery again a couple of nights ago. (photos) It was pretty much a bust. And it was cold. Beers with Brian C. at the Mallory Hotel (or whatever it is called now) afterward helped fix that.

P.S. At what point in my life did 50 degrees F become too hot for a t-shirt and hoodie??? 50 degrees is supposed to be COLD!

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