Offline XP Upgrades?

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Dear LazyWeb,

Problem: To test some compatibility issues between a particular web server and the latest, greatest Windows XP, I need to upgrade an XP box from SP2 to whatever hotfixes and stuff comes after SP2 (including Internet Explorer 7.)

Complication: For reasons beyond my control, the XP box does not have access to the internet, so automatic update won’t work. In fact, no Windows machine at my disposal has internet access–just Linux and Mac machines.

Previous Solution: When helping to protect my parents Win2K machine (with 14.4 dialup internet access), I vaguely remember a part of the Microsoft FTP or web site where I could go and manually download the various security rollup hotfixes and junk, burn them to disc, and install them at my leisure. I can’t seem to find anything like that for XP.

What do I do?

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