New tricks, old dog

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Twelve days later, I’m switch back to LaunchBar. I just can’t get QuickSilver to do quite what I want, and my fingers are more used to the spacebar being the “go to the next level of detail” thing than tab. I have no idea if it is because I have been using it longer or if the algorithm is better, but the “learning” in LaunchBar just seems to be a lot more smart. Also, while I really like the superfluous graphical crazyness of QuickSilver, the plain, unadorned GUI of LaunchBar runs quite a lot faster (and uses less memory.) So. I have now tried it again. I will probably try it yet again in another year or two. For now, I am sticking to LaunchBar.

Remember The Principality of Sealand? They are that abandoned former British WWII observation platform sitting just far enough offshore to be in international water, currently claims to be its own country, and is being used as an internet hosting facility. It is up for sale. It also turns out that The Pirate Bay is thinking about buying it. I remember reading about this kind of stuff when it was still fiction, but in Bruce Sterling’s Islands in the Net, the datahavens were in the Caribbean if I remember correctly.

Yes, I know he’s trying to use a (bad) analogy, but it’s more funny to think that our congressman believes there are Klingons in the white house.

So there’s this new vegan restaurant that’s semi-local. It has a web site. Go to that web site. Go now. The vegan restaurant is called “Pirate’s Tavern.” How pirates are in any way related to veganism is beyond me. They always ate saltpork and such. Additionally, how a leatherclad, blonde, gravity-defying-chested CGI-babe is related to either pirates or vegans is also beyond me.

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