Phones, Cash, Bingo

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This month, the phone bill was mysteriously high. By $30. It turns out that someone somewhere signed me up for some bogus 3rd party services that Qwest was even at a loss to describe what exactly the services were. They included:
* The Billing Resouce / Nationwide Voice Messaging / Nationwide VoiceMonthly Fee
* USBI / Universal Service Fund
* USBI / Mainstreet Platinum Plan
Fortunately, we were able to reverse the charges painlessly, but I’ll have to see if they reappear next month.

Today, I received an email that included the bullet point:
* All sales and marketing personnel need to bring $20 in cash on Monday morning. This will be needed to pay any penalties for the “On Time Challenge.”

For you Apple nerds, check out MWSF Keynote Buzzword Bingo. This year’s buzzword bingo is an app that generates PDFs. Last year’s was more technically interesting: a self-randomizing EPS. (I submitted this year’s link as an article at Digg, if anyone’s interested in digging it up.)

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