Eaves Dropping

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Ahhh…. wintertime: the time when birds go south and ninja squirrels perform daily raids on the bird feeder. Today, it was captured on film.

Let’s paint the scene, shall we? There is a bird feeder of the common cylindrical variety hanging near one of the front windows. We call this “kitty TV” because the cats can sit and watch the birds eat for great lengths of time, sometimes trying to get closer. Recently (and last winter) squirrels got the bright idea of climbing across the rain gutters to get close and will then hang over the edge, upside-down, hugging the bird feeder. From that angle, their little snouts are perfectly angled to grab seeds from the holes in the feeder. This drives the cats batty.

Today, not only were our housecats transfixed by events, a neighborhood cat (Eve) hung out on the front porch and stared at the squirrel, too. This is a friendly cat that sometimes plays with Ebenezer through the mail slot.

My favorite video of the bunch:

Climbing up the window, H.264 QuickTime, 0m:11s, 696K
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