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I’ll be going to see Zoë (of Rasputina) at Mississippi Studios on the 16th. From what I hear, she lives in Portland now. She does this awesome solo layered thing with the cello where she makes live digital sample loops of her playing, then plays on top of those–sometimes a whole bunch of tracks at once. Listening to her stuff on iTunes does it a lot more justice than my blabbering.

Anyway: Mississippi Studios on Saturday the 16th, $6, doors open at 9:30pm. Feel free to join. She’s actually playing with some other people, under the name of “Bright Red Paper.” Here’s the blurb:

The music created by the Bright Red Paper quartet is what happens when a guitarist brought up on Northwest indie rock matches wits with a classically-trained cellist. Throw into the mixture a jazz obsessed five-string bassist, and a drummer who has toured in jazz. reggae, and surf bands and you have a combination that is both calming and explosive. The music is primarily instrumental, with some vocals thrown in. Because of the four players’ drastically different musical tastes, the conglomeration of influences tends to inspire diverse audiences to flock to the ensembles performances. Cellist and composer Zoë Keating uses live electronic sampling and repetition to layer the sound of her cello, creating multi-layered compositions which explore the boundary between the familiar and the strange, the ugly and the beautiful, the dark and the transcendent.

So there you go. See you there!

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