iPod For Sale [Friends Only]

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I’ve been holding off on this since The Great Music Purge of 2006 because I wanted to be certain that I could successfully retrieve all of the music from the old iPod before selling it. Then I got a new iPod after a few weeks and promptly forgot until now.

As an exclusive offer to the people on my LJ friend list (mostly so that I don’t have to deal with people I don’t know on Craig’s List or eBay), I’m putting my old iPod Photo (including some accessories) up for sale. It includes:

  • iPod Photo 60GB – this is the generation just before the iPod Video and has the click-wheel and dock connector. It’s in good working order, has the latest firmware installed, and has been restored to factory defaults.
  • Unopened earbuds (I used other headphones instead)
  • USB and Firewire cables
  • AC adapter
  • Instructions and disc containing an old version of iTunes
  • Accessory: wired remote, still in the original wrapper. I’m not sure why I never opened/used this… I think it was a gift and I already had one.
  • Accessory: fancy-schmancy Vaja black leather case (I think it is the i-volution model) with that protector membrane stuff over the scroll wheel. Consequently, it has “Brian Enigma” embossed/stamped into the back of the case. You can…errr… just ignore that.

(Please excuse the silly watermark. It’s there to prevent eBayers from directly linking to my image for their auctions. It’s happened before, and while mod_rewrite and goatse are sometimes funny, they’re not always worth the trouble.)

Scratches on the face are pretty much nonexistent. Scratches over the screen are minimal vertical lines caused, ironically enough, by inserting/removing it from the protective case–where it rubs up against the case’s hard protective plastic window.

Anyway, I’m looking to get rid of the whole thing for about $160 (plus shipping if you’re not local), which seems to be about on par with or even slightly better than eBay prices. If you’re interested, reply in a comment and email.

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