Turkey Day

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We skipped out of hosting an Orphan Thanksgiving this year, having just thrown the 80+ person party with live band last month, and instead went to a friend’s house. It was great food and great company. A few tidbits from the evening, in bullet point form:

  • As I said, the food was great. I’m very much a stuffing guy and it tasted amazing. Garlic mashed potatoes==yum. They even gave me a big chunk of turkey skin. (I guess I was the only one who likes it.)
  • The wine was beyond great. Their friend, the wine connoisseur, picked out about 6 different wines, each for different portions of the evening, from hors de’oeuvres (I love spelling that word. Whores what?) to dessert and beyond.
  • Unfortunately, the very same wine connoisseur missed most of the evening. At 11am he got a call from his sister, whose car broke down outside of Eugene. He dropped off the wine and went to bail her out. (Obviously, I don’t know her, but got the impression that she has a bit of an emotional and financial dependent streak–didn’t know what to do about the car and couldn’t pay for it anyway.) He wasn’t able to join up with the party until dessert.
  • A couple brought their dog, who was super-cute and playful and instantly decided that I was his best friend. Later in the evening, the very same dog pooped down into the heat vent (causing semi-soft poo to drip down into the house’s heating system) and peed an ocean on the dining room’s hardwood floor.) That concludes this month’s FDA recommended dosage of dogs. I like dogs and children when they’re fun and belong to others–I can play with them for a while and then they go home and be annoying elsewhere and someone else has to be responsible for it.
  • The same couple was the stereotypical “bickering gay men” that you see portrayed on movies and television. I know that there’s a reason that stereotypes exist, but they certainly seemed to be playing up to the stereotype. I find petty bickering annoying in the media as well as in person, in homosexual relationships as well as in heterosexual relationships. Please stop. You’re great guys, just better without the bickering.
  • Nekkid pictures of the hostess! See, folks, the OS X “Ken Burns effect” picture screensaver takes images from your iPhoto library. When your iPhoto library holds lots of pictures of your vacation, your students, and a couple of naked pictures…. well, it’s only a matter of time.
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