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Epilogue to the partially skinless hand situation: it turns out that the sensitive, pink, strangely textured exposed tissue really is the innermost layer of skin and not something more internal than that. Of course, it took 20 minutes of paperwork and sitting around and about 5 minutes of actual diagnosis. It’s just good to have the peace of mind of a person with an actual degree in the stuff telling me it’s all fine versus me sitting around and wondering whether it’s a harmless or deep injury. It’s basically no more than a really big blister without the protective (“deflated”) skin bubble — it just looks and feels a little different because of where it is and how it happened.

They gave me triple-antiobotic ointment (contrary to dmax’s recommendation), wrapped it up and sent me on my way with $25 less in my wallet. I’m supposed to remove the bandage in the evenings to help it breath, then put on a fresh one in the morning. In theory, my finger won’t be falling off any time soon.

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