"Werewolf." "THERE wolf. And THERE castle."

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Classic scary movies I haven’t seen

* Carrie
* Hellraiser (the whole series)
* Halloween (the whole series)
* Friday the 13th (the whole series)
* Nightmare on Elm Street (all except the 3D one)
* The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
* American Werewolf in London

I have no idea why I haven’t seen them. Perhaps overprotective parents, followed by just not really being into “scary” movies. Suspenseful, yes, but most “scary” movies are not really scary, but just gross bloodbaths. I prefer the more psychological scare.

Classic scary movies I’ve only seen once, but want to eventually add to my DVD collection

* Alien (the whole series)
* The Exorcist
* Creepshow (1 & 2)
* Misery
* The Twilight Zone: The Movie
* Psycho
* The Birds

Scary (and scary-ish) movies I have on DVD

* Phantasm
* Rosemary’s Baby
* Them!
* Night of the Living Dead
* Return of the Living Dead
* Poltergeist
* The Shining
* The Blair Witch Project
* Invasion of the Body Snatchers
* Evil Dead
* Evil Dead 2
* Army of Darkness
* The Ring
* The Cell
* 28 Days Later
* Silence of the Lambs
* Seven
* Cube
* Flatliners
* The Fly / The Fly 2
* House on Haunted Hill
* The Haunting
* White Zombie
* Young Frankenstein

Any other suggestions?

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