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Forgive me, blog, for it has been several weeks since my last post of substance. I have so much to write about and I’m stuck at work, trying to catch up after taking a week off, so don’t have time to write everything. The topics I will need to cover soon are:

1. Wedding party — As you probably know, we eloped in May. Eloping isn’t terribly conducive to big parties with friends, family, food, live music, and all that. We had the party over the weekend.

2. Family and inlaws visiting and meeting for the first time — Yup. They live about 45 minutes from each other in SoCal, but met for the first time on Thursday. The inlaws (as opposed to… outlaws?) even slept in our bed while they were here.

3. Friday the 13th investigation of the Shanghai Tunnels. The investigation itself was a little bit silly and worthless — too many people kicking up too much dust — so was basically a pretend investigation for show-and-tell purposes.

4. Investigation of the Old Scotch Cemetery out in the Beaverton/Hillsdale area.

5. Second investigation of Portland Memorial Mausoleum, which I may or may not have written about on here. I’ll have to review the old entries.

’till I have time to write about all of the above (plus whatever I may not be remembering right now), I leave you with this montage of the leftovers:


(Technically, one of the wine bottles on the wine rack is not a leftover and has been there for a year or two.)

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