Dogs and Catacombs

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Today: I am surrounded by about a dozen dogs. In fact, one just walked into my office to slobber on my pant[s] leg.

Tonight: I get to herd people through the Shanghai Tunnels for the Friday the 13th tour. Presumably, the catacombs under Portland are much more fun when you’re the one in charge (and can go anywhere after the tour group has left) rather than being the one led around on a tour.

Does anyone know why Friday the 13th is supposed to be so unlucky? I know 13 is a lucky/unlucky number, but why in conjunction with Friday? Why not the 13th of every month? Or Monday the 13th, which would seem more unlucky to me, considering Monday is the start of the work week and Friday is the end? Why not Saturday the 13th? Or even Sunday the 13th, with Sunday being a holy day and all?

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