Paper and Paper Fastening

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Today: slightly more happy with my new parchment style after LiveJournal ate the cherrywood and brass one. The fonts are much improved from yesterday and look nice on the Mac, are passable on a basic Linux box, and remain untested under Windows. I may have to patch in an “overflow:auto” later because large images sort of push past the “edge of the paper” and end up looking funny. Not that a piece of paper a horizontal scroll block is terribly realistic, either. Maybe “overflow:hidden” would look better.

On a related note: three cheers for Photoshop and Alien Skin’s Smart Fill functionality for creating a passable “endless sheet of paper” and to iStockPhoto for supplying good source material. Careful readers may notice the similarity between the texture of the paper card logo on the Perplex City Card Catalog and the new style’s parchment background.

Are there any libraries in existence that still use paper card catalogs, by the way?

Also: today, I ordered a stapleless stapler. Wrap your brain around that.

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