I'd like to declare these fists as deadly weapons

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Holy crap, this is the coolest idea. Next time I have something expensive in my suitcase (camera, electronics, etc.), I’ll just pack a starter pistol (sans ammunition) in there and declare the contents as containing a firearm. You then specifically CAN’T use a TSA-approved lock because they don’t want someone removing the weapon. They’re not allowed to open the bag after the initial screening, for fear that that’s a path for an employee to smuggle a gun through. They do this special baggage handling because, well, they don’t want to just loose a weapon somewhere in the baggage system.

So basically, an employee can’t just open your case and take your expensive camera/iPod/computer/gadget, and you’re certain that your suitcase won’t get lost. That’s a win/win situation, if I’ve ever heard one.

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