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An old coworker, Ken, came to town tonight before driving off to Astoria to hop on a research ship and play in the ocean for a month. Dinner was quite tasty — at a Chinese restaurant that is basically above Saturday Market, which I had never noticed before. It is the sort of restaurant with a gigantic lazy susan built into the table. What I thought was going to be a little gathering ended up being eleven great people. Fortunately, it wasn't an elaborate logic problem — well, except for the bill. I ended up leaving a stack of Perplex City cards with Ken as something to pass the time while at sea. While I enjoy travel by ship, I am not sure I would be able to spend three weeks on one without setting foot on land.

Also: is August the month for catching up with old friends? In the past few weeks, I have contacted or been contacted by about half a dozen people from the past.

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