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Also: as Eric and I found out at the beginning of the month, when I posted the thing about Mondo Croquet, I pretty much blindly copied a notice I received. The guy who sent it must have gotten “30” and “3” mixed up or something and I didn't catch it (even though I linked directly to the page with the correct information on it.) So, it really is today at noon, although their website is down, The Oregonian corroborates today being the day.

We're working on wedding reception/party type stuff this weekend. Invites will hopefully be sent out within the week. Our wedding cake will be made entirely of cupcakes. If this is the stress from just the party part of a wedding (and I'm just doing the tiniest fraction of what Kim is), I can't imagine a full ceremony plus reception. Admittedly, part of this may just have been general grumpiness from being sick masquerading as wedding party planning stress.

Does anyone know a good tech writer around here? Ours gave notice and we'll probably be looking for one soon.

I still have residual sickness. While I don't necessarily feel “sick” (for instance, I can go out and do stuff and don't feel like I have to stay in bed), I'm still snotting and coughing.

I had a bit of a scary dream last night in which I was cutting off Ebenezer's legs, one-by-one and slowly eating them (almost like you would do with a cooked chicken.) I do not know why I was doing this, but could not stop. He kept looking up at me, like he didn't understand why it was suddenly so difficult to walk, like he wanted some help or sympathy. When he had just a front leg left, I woke up and screamed.

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