Red! No — Blue! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh…..

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The rental people called yesterday saying that someone will be around to paint the house Thursday and Friday. They also called to say that no, they would not be painting, but re-roofing on Thursday and Friday. Today (Wednesday), people showed up to work on the roof. This is the same rental company that we contacted in May(?) to get Kim on the lease. She went in, filled out a credit check application, paid $40, and we have heard absolutely nothing from them since, despite quite a few phone inquiries.

When I moved in to this place, it was managed by The Conifer Group, who were absolutely wonderful. They should get an A+ in customer service, as they were prompt and courteous and went out of their way to help out. Later, the management duties moved to InterWest Properties (I’m not linking them because I’d rather have Conifer’s Google pagerank go up and not InterWest’s), and it has pretty much been a stonewall since. There is still a light fixture out in the front room (not a bulb, but the actual socket itself.) The side yard’s floodlamps are burnt out and have not been replaced, despite several calls (I’d do it myself, but I do not have a ladder.) InterWest regularly sends out an inspector every few months to walk through the house. Kim has personally told him all the issues, too, but their policy is to inspect and then fix issues at a later date. I keep getting the impression that the inspection is less about routine maintenance and more about making sure we don’t have a meth lab in the second bedroom or a family of immigrants living in the basement.

To top it all off, I think I finally caught Kim’s cold, so I am at home today — with people stomping and pounding on the roof.

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