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It looks like the first 24 minutes of A Scanner Darkly are online. The page is here, but requires Flash 8 (and I only have 7 on Linux). A direct link to the *.flv file is here, if you have the tools to watch/convert it. It was an okay book, if not a bit predictable toward the end. While the characters were well written and pretty realistic (and even reminded me of folks I knew a long time ago), I can't say they were terribly likable. There are plenty of other PKD books and stories out there that are a million times better. I just wonder how close they will stick to the book, considering most (all?) movie adaptations of PKD stories have veered pretty far from the original stories.

“Hello Radio” turns out to be a pretty good cover album of They Might Be Giants songs. Not to be missed is Self covering “Anna Ng,” Frank Black covering “Road Movie To Berlin,” and OK Go covering “Letterbox.”

In other cover news, Zoetrope covering “Pure Imagination” (a song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is a great, mellow, guys-with-acoustic-guitars cover and is played in a minor key which gives the happy, hopeful song a little bit of an eerie edge. It has also been stuck in my head for the better part of a day.

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