Direct-Linking of Images & The Popularity Of Brandon's Fridge

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The other day, Kim noticed that the view counts on several of her bellydance movies went up significantly. At the time, we wondered why and I figured I would revisit my stats system some time later.

Well, today I checked out my statistics. I have not yet looked into where the bellydance video traffic is coming from because I got distracted by some other stats. It would seem that a significant number of requests (5873 unique ones in June) have come across from MySpace. The majority of these come from 61 profiles direct-linking images. Some of them were left in comments that have since scrolled off the user’s page or are in private profiles. Most are in public profiles and comments. Interesting ones include:

* Me with meat on my face
* Brandon’s fridge, containing Devo as part of a profile (and again, as a comment) (once more, with feeling)
* A “Warp Core Breach” (and pack of smokes) served at the Star Trek bar in Vegas (and again)
* A 40oz of St. Ides next to a tin of Curious George Altoids in a comment (and again in another profile) (yet again in a profile) (another comment)
* Absinthe soap
* Warranty void if seal is broken (and again) (and again)
* Brandon’s fridge, containing a Tron man
* Someone pointing out the Darby’s Reducer sign in Portland
* A photocopied dog, used to jokingly scare my old boss at Virgin Games
* Giant cheeseburger

I expect that I will be writing a few mod_rewrite rules this weekend to give these folks some alternate versions of pictures. If anyone feels like Photoshopping some alternatives that are similar enough to be subtle, but different enough to be funny (i.e. not Goatse or Tubgirl), go for it. Post ’em in a comment here for everyone to laugh at. For instance, I am considering changing the “ABSINTHE” stamp in the soap to some other word.

P.S. Also, found on forums: Admiral Akbar in Brandon’s Fridge (it’s a trap!), tinfoil hat, and again, and again on Fark, box o’ floppies, something bizarre (spammer?) on Dave Barry’s Blog (the pictures are not used directly, but some of the “First Lady” links go directly to pictures of Kim’s bosom)

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