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I recently reorganized my friend groupings because things were getting too crazy to follow. The default group has people I know in real life (plus a few people I know through people in real life) as well as a couple of syndicated blogs and such. The ARG group is all of the people I have met online via Unfiction. Communities contains all of the communities (save one) that I joined but never looked at before because a single one of those communities had five million new posts a day, causing everything to scroll off before I could easily see it. The final group, Portland, contains just because of the aforementioned zillion posts a day.

The new setup lets me see everything in bite-sized chunks in an organized manner. This new setup also allows me to sample all of the drama that I had been missing from damnportlanders, including bicyclists bitching at drivers, drivers bitching at bicyclists, people arguing over which tattoo place is best, which bar is best, which quadrant of town is best, where to get a job/gig/apartment, and people complaining about pronunciation. Sure, Willamette and Couch are not pronounced the way most of the country would expect, but this post “corrects” the pronunciation of several things in a way that is flat-out wrong. There are basically 100 responses saying “you’re wrong; listen to Tri-Met because they pronounce it the right way.”

This sparked followup posts including someone wanting to know how to pronounce other local landmarks such as Intel, I-5, Broadway, The Park Blocks, etc. and someone just flat-out making fun of the original poster. Oh, the drama. How I missed it. Not.

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