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This weekend is going to be fun!

The bottles turned out relatively well. I started out with some screen captures of Desmond’s bottle as well as the Mac & Cheese packaging and did up some similar labels in InDesign (pdf). I soaked and brushed the existing labels off of the bottles. Next, I printed the labels on cardstock. Of course, I forgot to set the printer settings for cardstock thickness, so things got a little over-inked and blurred a bit (which I did not notice until the glue was applied.) Next time, I am not sure whether or not to go with cardstock or normal paper. In the full size image, you can see white edges around the label, which were not because I cut sloppily, but because of the thickness of the paper. Maybe some cardstock and sharpie marker. Some spray-on adhesive later, I had new labels on the bottle. Next time, I may use finishing spray on the paper before gluing, as the act of placing the label got some glue on my fingers, which then smeared the ink a little bit more.

So, yep. That was my arts-and-crafts project for the evening. Tomorrow, the pipe cleaner and macaroni art!

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