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This pretty much consists of some currently unanswerable questions that I just wanted to write down somewhere…

Last week, we got to see the Pearl hatch, which is a monitoring station for psychological experiments in the “test subject hatch,” namely the Swan. Even though Locke turned on all of the monitors, only one displayed a picture and that was of the kitchen. I am going to guess that the other TVs also looked into the Swan, as that was a pretty bad vantage point for anything interesting in the Swan (like the room with the button or the bunks.)

It looks like the experiment is now obsolete, as nobody had been to The Pearl in a while (it had been covered in an airplane!) But then why are they still getting food drops? The manufactured goods obviously come from off the island, out in the real world. Is someone in some company (Hanso?) consciously aware signing off on the food drops? Is it just some bureaucratic clockwork that has been set into motion that now nobody really controls (like the maze thing in the movie Cube?)

And while we are talking about the Pearl, what about the shark? I vaguely remember it having a Dharma logo with a round center on its tail that can only be the Pearl. Do they have monitoring sharks? With cameras and friggin’ laser beams on their heads?

The camera in the Pearl hatch: Who is at the other end of that? And who is at the other end of the pneumatic tube? Where is Locke’s note going to end up?

What about Desmund? Is he an “actor” that someone used to get the castaways to comply with the experiment or did he himself get sucked in and genuinely believe the button had to be pressed?

So now we know that Henry is an “other.” It turns out he was telling the truth about the button. Was he telling the truth about the rest of it? About Locke being “good” (good for what?) and him coming to retrieve him? Why wasn’t Locke on the list given to Michael?

Walt has to take tests? And Mrs. Clue (which makes me think of Mrs. What and the gang from A Wrinkle in Time) was asking about seeing Walt being in places he couldn’t have been? And she asked Walt “do you want to go back to the room?” as if it were a punishment?

My guess about all of this is that the island had been previously used for psychological experiments, but has since been repurposed. The hardware (including the hatches and button) still exists and still (mostly) works, but some entirely different experiments are going on.

Okay. That is off my chest. Go about your usual business.

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