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Smallest Storefront Ever
This storefront, which was constructed several months ago and housed a flower shop for about a month, is about 1 meter by 6 meters. As you can see, it is more narrow than a parking spot! Guess what? It’s for lease! Yes, you too, can be the proud renter of a ~6 square meter glass storefront!

At work, we are in the process of moving to a larger building. I suspect that the movers are secretly druids and are constructing a stonehenge on the manufacturing floor made of upended desks.

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Ebenezer Eating His Tail
(h.264 Quicktime video, 1m:20s, 4.5M, )

Ebenezer is the only cat I know that attempts to eat his own tail on a regular basis. He can actually get several inches in his mouth and down his throat. Considering he leaves those last couple of inches very wet and will sometimes touch you with it, it’s really quite gross when you think about it. I try not to think about it.

This afternoon’s Doctor Who was quite good. Even though it was pre-Victorian and I am a big fan of all things Victorian, I liked it more than the episode two weeks ago that was the very pinnacle of all things Victorian–that is, it actually featured Queen Victoria. (“Wanna bet I can make her say ‘we are not amused?'”) Even though it was 1700’s France, I think the clockwork mechanical men and scary masquerade masks were what did it for me. Plus, those last two seconds really were a key that caused me to think, even hours later, about the hour-ish rest of the episode and how everything falls into place given that puzzle-piece of knowledge.

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