If only prawn grew on trees

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For the longest time (actually, until just now), I thought that a shrimp plant is a hibiscus plant. We had one (the shrimp plant) growing up, and I always just though that “shrimp plant” was a sort of slang term that my parents made up. They both have bright red petals. Hibiscus is used for flavoring and shrimp plants have a very strong smell and color and seem like they could be used for flavoring, too. Additionally, shrimp plants have that little badminton-birdie shaped flower on the end which you can pluck out and squeeze, giving you two or three drops of juice/sugar water/liquid pollen or whatever that stuff is. Humming birds absolutely love that stuff.

Do you have anything similar that, as a kid (and maybe even later in life), you were sure of only to find out much, much later that you were completely and totally wrong? I don’t want to hear any of this “true love doesn’t exist” or “people are mean” stuff. I’m fishing for the cute Reader’s Digest stories.

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