Lost Keys?

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Has anyone lost keys in my car in the last few weeks/months? I found a little key-wallet thinger in the back. From where it was, likely, it fell out of the pocket of someone sitting in the front seat (and then fell between the cushion and seatback and onto the floor) or it fell from the pocket of someone crammed sideways into the back “seat” area.

I started the morning wanting to make what the layman would call an Egg McMuffin. The kitchen had Dill Caraway Spelt bread, Huntsman cheese (7 layers of cheddar and bleu), mushrooms, and salami. Sautéing the mushrooms and salami, poaching (but breaking the yokes first) the eggs, toasting the bread, and putting everything together turned a commodity breakfast foodstuff into a quick yet pleasurable gourmet dish.

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