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TEA! Lots of it! Lots of different flavors! This was my most recent order and does not include any of the tins from the previous order. I really love Adagio! It tuns out that 8oz of peppermint is about three times as much as 10oz of any other tea. Silly density differences! Pictured: citron green, gunpowder, kukicha, jasmine #12, pu erh dante, darjeeling #22, golden monkey, keemun concerto, ceylon sonata, assam melody, rooibos, blood orange, raspberry patch, wild strawberry, sour apple, and dragonwell.

In Portland, when you always park the same direction, you tend to get moss buildup on the north-facing bits of the car. That’s the green. In springtime, the pollen is as thick and plentiful as the ashes of Southern Californian fires. That’s the orangish-brown.

While this squirrel may look like he is sleeping, he is actually in a state of permanent sleep. This is where the landscaping meets the sidewalk in front of some business that I pass by when I walk to lunch. While people walk all the time in Portland-proper, there is very little foot traffic in the suburbs and businesses of Tualatin. I figure that is why this little guy was still there on day 2 (when the picture was taken) and continues to be there (it’s probably day 4 or 5 now.) Nobody at that particular business passes by and notices on their walk from their parking space to the building entrance.

Okay, time for a shower, a trip to the sterile yet spacious and close-by Crema for some coffee and some webapp experiments for future features for Kim’s site. By the way, everyone should send good thoughts about fun, excitement, prosperity, and luck in her direction. She is putting in close to a 12 hour day vending at Saqua’s Showcase.

P.S. Anyone want to come over and sample some tea sometime?

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