Even academia is getting swept up in the Da Vinci Code movie hype

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Three cheers for the perks you get for being a museum member! 15% isn’t much compared to the severely overpriced tickets, but I managed to score two for the rapidly-approaching-capacity Da Vinci Series lectures: Jesus, Mary Magdalene & Da Vinci; The Art Of Leonardo “Deciphered”; and Inside the Secret Societies Of The Da Vinci Code.

I think I have been over this before in this blog, but if you want to make tons of money performing in front of an audience, forget being a rock star! You need to be a professional lecturer! Schnitzer Hall is pretty huge compared to most rock star venues. Average ticket prices usually fall between $70-$100, depending on the lecture. (I think with the Da Vinci Code movie coming out this summer, it tips the scales to the high end of the range.) Overhead is miniscule: a microphone and serviceable PA system versus the rock star’s instruments, mixing boards, lights, smoke machines, roadies, and video projectors. Plus, most concerts I have been to recently have been in the $30-$50 range in addition to all that overhead. So forget wanting to be a rock star! It’s more fiscally lucrative to be a lecturer. Plus, you get wine and cheese.

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