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Okay, so let's say that one wants to try out that Calamari Darcy game where you go around absurdly rolling objects into larger and larger balls. Let's also say that one only has an original Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari 2600 and no longer has a PC capable of playing most games (i.e. no Windows, just a bunch of Macs and Linux boxes.) What is the best way to cheaply try the game? As best as I can tell, there is no Windows version, correct? With all that gaming I do, I'd rather not pay $150 for what would effectively be a “single-use” game console that I might play with for a week and then collects dust in the back of the closet for years to come (like the two current systems do.) What's a fellow to do? Is there a viable aftermarket for cheap used stuff? Can they be rented? Does someone have one they can loan for a short time? Are there other alternatives that I am unaware of?

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